Video guides for unpacking, assembling and operating your Seradisc Filter.

unpacking the box

The kit includes:
1 x Filter Barrel  |  16 x Filter Discs  |  2 x Retainers  |  2 x 2” BSP Adaptors | 1 x Flexible Coupling | Instruction Manual

assembling the filter

Fully assembled and ready to go in a couple of minutes.
Don’t forget you can add additional discs to create finer screen filtration.

easy to fit

The flexible EPDM coupling (supplied with the kit) is secured in place with 2 stainless steel worm-drive clips.

the protective guard and float

Adding the protective cage and float couldn’t be simpler. Just take off the Adaptor that butts up aginst the shoulder on the barrel, slide on the cage and replace the Adaptor.

variable filter grade screening

The standard 16 disc filter will screen particulates of  5mm and above. By adding more discs you can vary the screen grade.

easy clean

The Seradisc Filter is incredibly easy to clean. Since using a Seradisc Filter as an effluent filter, Charlie has
"not had one pump breakdown!"