How the filter avoids pump blockage

Technical details - Seradisc Performance Graphs



  • Particulate sizes are calculated. Due to the flexible nature of the discs, Seradisc filters fitted with lower numbers of discs may allow ingress of particulates slightly larger than as indicated on the graph
  • By configuring filters in series, the flow rate will remain the same as for one filter. However, the benefit is that the cleaning interval is increased
  • The flow rate for a filter fitted with the standard 16 discs is 333 l/min
  • The maximum number of discs that can be fitted is 42, screening particulates of 0.1 mm and above

Technical details - How the Seradisc Works
to avoid pump blockage

technical How the Seradisc Filter Works to avoid pump blockage

Water enters the filter through the gaps between the serrated discs, thus preventing debris or particulates larger than the gap between the discs from entering into the pump supply. The filtered water then exits via the open end and into the suction pipe connected to the pump. Adding extra discs compresses the screen pattern, thus narrowing the gap between the filter discs and thereby preventing the larger particulates from entering the pump. This is also ideal for use as a fish pond filter, as extra discs can be added to prevent smaller fish or tadpoles being sucked up into the pump.

technical - manifolded Seradiscs in parallel

filters connected in parallel

technical - Seradiscs connected in series

filters connected in series

technical - SEradiscs connected multi-dimensional

multi directional connection

filter fitted with standard 16 discs

pump blockage - view showing filter with 16 discs fitted

filter fitted with 32 discs to screen smaller particulates

pump blockage - view showing filter with 32 discs fitted