Mineshop Cottages Cornwall - Mono Sewer Pump
Mineshop Holiday Cottages owner Charlie Tippett used to have lots of pump downtime caused by blockages before fitting a Seradisc Filter to his Mono pump as a sewage filter. Since using the Seradisc, he's had "not one pump breakdown" with the obvious benefits of time and money-saving.

Shoalstone Pool, Brixham, Devon - Seawater Filtering to avoid pump blockage
Shoalstone Seawater Pool pump seawater for cleaning and topping up their pool. Previous filters were clogging up with seaweed and sand - they now use Seradisc Filters with protective cages and floats and have no more problems with their pump blocking up all the time.

Westflight Case Study
Seradisc Filter protecting off grid water supplies at a remote Welsh cottage.  The owners fitted a Seradisc with Cage and Float in a fast flowing river to protect from debris.

Stormsaver Case Study
After successful trials, premier UK rainwater harvesting systems manufacturer Stormsaver Ltd. now incorporate Seradisc Filters in their inline disc filter systems.

Dairy De-watering Case Study
A large dairy needed to separate and remove the water from milk waste so that the water could be recycled and the waste could be easily removed. Seradisc Filters proved far more effective as a dirty water filter than the previously used 'can' type filters.