Seradisc Spare suction Filter Box optional extras

Seradisc Suction Filter - 16 disc High Filtration Pack

Pack of 16 spare filter discs. The Seradisc Filter includes 16 discs as standard, which will screen particulates of around 5mm and above. Screening of smaller particulates is achieved by installing additional discs onto the assembly. The maximum number of discs that can be installed on one unit is 42. This will provide particulate screening of approximately 0.1mm and above.

Seradisc Suction Filter Cage optional extras

Seradisc Protection Cage and Float

Integrated protection cage and float to add to your Seradisc Filter. This kit enables your Seradisc suction filter to float just under the water surface, thus keeping it away from potential clogging materials on the surface of the water and also detritus present on pond or river bed. The filter guard also protects the suction filter screen discs. The cage guard is manufactured from Stainless Steel and the float is plastic.

optional extras - hi-flow manifolds made to order

Manifolds for high-volume suction filter pumping

The flow through a Seradisc filter fitted with the supplied 16 discs is 333 liters/min. These optional extras are mainly for applications requiring a higher flow. Various designs of manifolded systems can be tailored to your specific high-volume pumping application. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to supply a quotation.