The Seradisc variable filter screen has a modular design which makes it both flexible and adaptable in use. It is therefore an ideal solution for many pond filter applications and problems including filter blocking and the ingress of air by vortexing which will cause damaging pump cavitation.

multiple applications

pond filter
pond filter
pond filter

The simplicity of the Seradisc Water Filter makes it one the most adaptable filters on the market. It can be used for many applications - standard suction pumping, submersible pumps, pond filter, wells and boreholes. For high volume suction applications, Seradisc Filters can be combined using a variety of multi-dimensional manifolds - see below

modular assembly

The Seradisc is designed with the suitability for modular assembly. For increased suction capacity or larger diameter pipes, units may be connected in multiple configurations. Note filters in series will not give higher suction capacity, just increased cleaning intervals. Filters connected in parallel will give an increase - refer to the graphs here

filters inline1

filters in series

filters parallel3

filters in parallel

filters multi 3 prong2

filters in multi-configuration

high volume suction suitability


The Seradisc Water Filter can be supplied with a large range of manifolds for high-volume suction applications.
Please contact us if you have a special requirement

Seradisc filters fitted with float and guard option

pond filter

In conjunction with the float and guard option, it can be used as a fish pond filter where it is necessary to avoid agitation and ingestion of the lower lying sediment and floating debris.